Project management – FAIL

From the school of guerrilla IT project management, which I refer to as unstructured, common sense, in the trenches IT project management.  Essentially the PMP principles or the PMBOK don’t necessarily apply to the guerrilla school of PM.  I should really trademark this idea 😉

Anyhow, I’ve recently been assigned an enterprise network security project.  It didn’t take long to identify the gaps that were causing this project to fail.  The biggest challenge appeared to be lack of resources in the right places of the work flow, mainly in network engineering and field techs.  As of this week it looks like we have a handle on the additional resources in the field for pre and post implementation, while we also engage more of the network engineers, so they can do what they do best.

This is something to make note of with any future IT projects, either on a small scale or of an enterprise nature.  The right resources are critical for successful deployment.  When I say the “right” resources, the roles have to be filled with the players skilled in those positions.  It’s not enough to just get capacity, you have to have the right people in the right roles.  Doing this will also help with efficiencies and staff education as the project progresses.  The more people you engage in the process over time, knowledge and skill sets increase.

We’re still very early in the deployment, but things seem to be coming together and stabilizing into something that should work as we roll through the next 9 months of project activity.  Aha, I’ve got it GIT-PM (Guerrilla Information Technology – Project Management)…maybe I’ll get some shirts made 😉


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