TV White Space


This evening, I’ve spent a little time researching TV White Space, also known as WRAN (Wireless Regional Area Networks), or IEEE802.22. Using dynamic spectrum and cognitive radio to intelligently seek and use open spectrum for delivery of broadband Internet. By using the repurposed bandwidth from analog television, TV White Space is promising as a technology to close the digital divide and provide Internet connectivity in rural areas. These bands fall within the VHF (54-216MHz) or the UHF (470-698) spectrum.

A typical analog TV channel is 6MHz of bandwidth, where in some countries as much as 7-8MHz. At a distance of 30km the standard bitrate is roughly 19Mbps, however channel bonding can reach higher data rates.

In my past reading, there is one subject matter expert who’s blog serves as an outstanding resource on TV White Space, and that is Many Possibilities, a blog by Steve Song.

For additional understanding, I’ve decided to curate some links below on TV White Space.

General Information –

Technical –

Video –

Trials –


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