Global Technology and Development masters

Painting of rural Haitian woman using mobile phone
Painting of rural Haitian woman using mobile phone

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here, though I have about 4-6 posts in the pipeline. I guess its just finding time to commit to this space, and finding that time seems to be a constant struggle and obviously a finite resource.

Anyhow, a little news here….ready? drumroll please…….I’ve decided to pursue a masters degree! In an area of study which has interested me and I’ve been working with for the last several years. The program is the Global Technology and Development (MS), offered by Arizona State University, and best of all, it’s online – which was one of my main requirements. Since I still intend to work at my current job, this is pretty important. This is something I’ve debated and searched for just the right fit, for some time. As it’s well known, and which has been written about here, the availability of online graduate studies in the space of Information and Communications Technology for Development….more commonly known as ICT4D, is almost non-existent. Now, I wouldn’t classify the GTD program as ICT4D per se, the likes of University of Colorado’s Atlas Institute, University of Manchester, or Royal Holloway University of London – but the important thing is, it allows me to cap off my practical experience and continue my growth professionally and academically. Other than the programs mentioned above, which are all in person, the only one offered online that I know of is this by SPIDER Center at the University of Stockholm, which I looked at, but didn’t truly fit my needs. 

So, the program isn’t a masters in ICT4D, but it will provide me the opportunity to study and expand my knowledge in a formal academic and research setting on the impact of technology, in particular the explosive growth of the mobile device and its relative impact on human and socioeconomic development.

Now, there’s that whole TIME issue…….



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