With a little help from my friends…..

We (as BOSCO-Uganda) are so fortunate to be drawing upon the expertise of those in the Notre Dame community. In particular the Director of AgencyND, Don Schindler, who has been a solid resource when it comes to marketing and social media brainstorming. As an aside, recently the University of Notre Dame was recently ranked #1 by USA Today in social media “influencers and brainstormers” in higher education, what an honor!

Another wonderful resource from Notre Dame has been writer Mike Roe. Don suggested we get in touch with Mike (a former Hollywood writer and creative) to help us with taglines and mission statements that would truly help BOSCO stand out and get noticed. Mike has been both gracious and professional in offering his expertise and talents to this project. Something that is invaluable to a small NGO on a very limited budget. Mike wrote a great blog post about his work with BOSCO and how community can grow organically at Notre Dame.

Yet one more example of this Notre Dame community helping BOSCO, is the recent article in Notre Dame Magazine on Notre Dame alum and founder of BOSCO, Gus Zuehlke. This in and of itself is a great promotional piece on the work being performed in this war ravaged area of the world.

Remember, with a little help from your friends, anything is possible.


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