I’m on the eve (kind of) of attending my first TEDx event, one I’m especially excited about as it’s in my hometown – Detroit.  Detroit and it’s creative and eclectic citizens have so much to offer the world.  I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised that my application to attend TEDxDetroit was accepted…from what I’ve seen there were 1,500 applicants.  Not sure how many seats, but obviously more than 1,500 😉  As I’m not sure what to expect, I’m a bit anxious and thrilled at the same time.  The plan is to tweet the cool, interesting, and thought provoking ideas as they flow.  It’s also my hope that I can keep good enough notes to write a recap blog post later this week.

The plan is to drive up tomorrow evening, and have dinner and hang with my bro in Livonia.  On Wednesday morning, off to the Detroit Institute of Arts for TEDxDetroit.  Not sure I’ll stay for the after party, since I’ll have a 3.5 hour drive home and been fighting a nasty cough.  Overall, this should be an incredible and engaging learning experience.


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