Building Capacity for Ugandan Higher Education

Building capacity.   Building capacity for ICT skills.  Building capacity with Internet bandwidth.  Building capacity for ICT services.  This is the theme of working with UMU (Uganda Martyrs University) on their information and communications technology – building capacity.  After the visit in Fall of 2009, an ICT assessment was drafted and submitted to the UMU … More Building Capacity for Ugandan Higher Education

Ugandan ban on used electronics – update

It appears the ban on used electronics and second hand computers will be reviewed by the Ugandan government.  According to the State Minister for Trade Tourism and Industry, the ambiguous ban on “computer equipment” will focus on electronics that are most harmful to the environment.  Obviously the limits on importing used electronics is a proactive … More Ugandan ban on used electronics – update

UMU visit to ND

Tonight I had dinner and some wonderful conversation with our visitors from Uganda Martyrs University. There were 6-7 guests from UMU, that are visiting for about 10 days with the ND Conference on Development this weekend. The other guests at dinner included those who’ve traveled before to UMU or will do so in the near … More UMU visit to ND